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Fullscore Publishing was founded in London by Nigel Edmund-Jones and is the fruition of a long-held passion to create new, beautifully engraved sheet music for choral musicians, pianists and woodwind players... 

As a singer and pianist, Nigel has often struggled with old, annotated sheet music copies that can be hard to read in poorly-lit rehearsal and performance environments, especially in churches. Creating new re-engravings of out-of-copyright pieces was the starting point. Dorico music engraving software was the inspirational tool that helped achieve the quality we hoped for. Working with flautist Paul Edmund-Davies on manuscripts and Christmas flute ensemble arrangements for provided further inspiration.

When Nigel founded his own choir, Fullscore Singers, the challenge grew!

Then along came Lockdown in 2020 and, with concerts cancelled, the time was magically available to work on those new editions. 

Re-engravings of older pieces and new arrangements are, initially, all available as free, downloadable PDF files for you to print out as you please. 

We would be delighted to hear of any plans to perform or record any of our publications. Please do drop us a line at


Thank you for finding us. We hope you enjoy our new Fullscore Publishing editions and we welcome your comments and feedback to the above email.

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