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Over the last three years Fullscore Publishing has been engraving, designing and preparing music for publication by the specialist flute education site, Paul Edmund-Davies, former Principal Flute with the London Symphony Orchestra, and flautist Pasha Mansurov have created a new and innovative educational website for flute players, designed to methodically improve technical facility on the instrument. Over 1,750 pages of studies, exercises, teaching notes and 370+ instructional videos are in the Simply Flute library. Free sampling is offered, with a realistically-priced subscription rate for full access to the vast library of online resources.

Printed publications available from Simply Flute include:

This book of melodic warm-ups and exercises for flautists bridges the gap between routine scales and arpeggios and the more enticingly melodious and harmonic structures of studies. Covering Breathing & Phrasing, Finger Work, Articulation and Intervals, it provides an opportunity to work on demanding technical issue in bite-sized and manageable segments.

Written by the highly regarded 19th-century flautist and composer, Giulio Briccialdi, Tre Romanze consists of three poignant, intense and deeply moving vignettes for solo flute with piano accompaniment. The unfortunate and unexpected demise of Briccialdi's daughter heralded three beautifully crafted pieces, which are for flautists the equivalent of Schumann or Schubert songs for singers. While comparatively simple in harmonic content, the challenge of conveying such personal sorrow and pain coupled with, at times, moments of hope, will take all performers to the extremes of their ability on the instrument. Ideal for performance, in sequence, as a set of three pieces.

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