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Manuel De Falla's 'Canción' - World Piano Day 2021

To celebrate Piano Day 2021 (on the 88th day of the year, as there are 88 notes on a conventional pianoforte keyboard), we publish a new engraving of Manuel de Falla's exquisitely lyrical piece for piano, Canción. Written in 1900, it is not to be confused with his other work by the same name: Canción, the sixth song in the suite Siete Canciones popolares Española. Fullscore Music also publish a new arrangement of this beautiful little tune for Flute (or Clarinet Bb) & Piano.

Listen to a beautiful recording of the piece by Brazilian pianist Christina Ortiz, from 1975: (opens in new browser tab)

As for all Fullscore Publishing single editions, downloading the sheet music is free from this link!

Piano Day 2021:

Painting: Landscape in Ribada (Spain) - Daniel Vasquez Diaz, 1930


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