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Our first anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of Fullscore Publishing. To mark the occasion we've just published a short arrangement for piano of Déodat de Séverac's delightful Chant de Noël (Christmas Song):

Here's a complete list of our current catalogue, all of which are currently available for immediate download right here at

- What Child is this?, Benedict Tanner (Christmas, Choral) - Sleep, Holy Babe!, John Bacchus Dykes (Christmas, Choral) - That star-lit night in Bethlehem (Don oíche ud i mBeithil, trad. Irish, arr. Nigel Edmund-Jones, (Christmas, Choral) - ‘Twas the night before Christmas (set to psalm chants), arr. Nigel Edmund-Jones, (Christmas, Choral) - As with gladness men of old (with descant), William Henry Monk, arr. Nigel Edmund-Jones (Christmas, Choral) - Heart's Desire (Joseph est bien marié - Kyrie from Messe de Minuit), Charpentier, arr. Nigel Edmund-Jones (Christmas, Choral)

- Snowflakes, Selim Palmgren (Christmas, Piano) - Waltz from The Christmas Tree, Vladimir Rebikov (Christmas, Piano) - Chant de Noël (Christmas Song), Déodat de Séverac (Christmas, Piano)

- Fantasy: Silent Night, Hans Sitt (Christmas, Flute & Piano) - Christmas Sonatina, Carl Reinecke (Christmas, Flute & Piano, inc. parts for Alto Fl, Cl, Eb sax) - Cançion, Manuel de Falla (Flute/Clarinet/Alto Sax & Piano) - Fughetta, Kirchhoff/JS Bach (Flute/Clarinet & Piano)

- Those who wait for the Lord, Benedict Tanner (Choral, sacred) - Four Lullabies, Piers Maxim (Choral, secular) - Mass for Four Voices (excerpts, set to English words), William Byrd (Choral, sacred) - The Song of Siri Dale, Edvard Grieg (Choral, secular) - Come Sleep! (O sleep, the certain knot of peace), trad. Norwegian lullaby, tune: Vuggertrall (Choral, secular)

- Fughetta, Kirchhoff/JS Bach (Piano) - The Song of Siri Dale, Edvard Grieg (Piano) - Cançion, Manuel de Falla (Piano)

Thank you for your support and downloads!

Nigel Edmund-Jones


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