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Maria Ewing (1950-2021)

"When my epitaph comes to be written, I hope it will just say, 'Maria Ewing - singer'."

Maria Ewing, who recently passed away, was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA and was, indeed, a ‘singer’, but a very special one. She was a celebrated opera singer, who was an intensely emotional and versatile perfectionist - a compelling performer. She was at one time married to Sir Peter Hall, who had directed her in a famously erotic performance of Salome in 1978 at Glydebourne. She is survived by her daughter, the acclaimed actress Rebecca Hall, who directed the 2021 film, Passing.

From The Times obituary (published Jan 12, 2021): ‘For many years she lived in an impeccably furnished home in rural West Sussex, overlooking the South Downs and surrounded by fields of sheep. The drawing room, a symphony in buttermilk and cream, was filled with light from the five French windows opening on to the lawn. Next to the white piano were stacks of music: Salome next to The Wizard of Oz, and Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer beside 50 Favourite Show Tunes’.

Such a scenario would be a perfect setting for our Fullscore Music piano publications. We can but dream…


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