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This newly-engraved edition from Fullscore Publishing is an arrangement for solo piano of De Séverac's song Chant de Noël (Christmas Song) from Douze Mélodies, written in 1917. It's a delightful, lyrical miniature, with left-hand, spread note-stretches and generous use of the right-hand pedal. Imagine you're playing a gleaming grand piano in a living-room with a roaring fire, a sparkling Christmas tree in the corner and snow gently falling outside the window...


Marie-Joseph-Alexandre Déodat de Séverac (1872–1921) was a French composer, a contemporary of Ravel and Debussy. He died comparatively young, aged 48, working away from Parisian musical life (where he studied after a period in Toulouse) and living in his native Languedoc, which he loved and portrayed in his music.


De Séverac preferred to work in the smaller, more intimate musical forms of pictorially evocative piano music (Le Chant de la terre, En Languedoc, Baigneuses au Soleil, En vacances), songs (sometimes using the historic languages of Languedoc, Occitan, and Roussillon, Catalan), a few chamber pieces and several operas (Les Antibels, Le coeur de moulin, Héliogabale and Le Roi Pinard, 1907-1919). His motet Tantum ergo has become a popular choral piece in church music.


Biography source:éodat_de_Séverac


Here's a performance of the original song by Anne Rodier (soprano) and François-Michel Rignol (piano):


(The whole album may be heard here on Spotify.)




Las! nous n'avons pas l'avantage

De nous trouver dans le village,

Où le Sauveur a vu le jour;

Mais en esprit, suivant l'usage 

Nous visiterons ce séjour.


Oh that to us the chance were granted

Once to behold the spot enchanted

Where the good Saviour saw the light!

Yet the abode, with soul undaunted,

We may hymn tho' far from sight.


Courage! que chacun s'apprête 

A chanter son plus tendre chant:

Lors donc, gais pastoureaux,

Bénissons l'âme en fête,

Dieu le Père, la Mère et l'ineffable enfant!


Take comfort, let each creature living

Sing for joy with soul a-flame!

Come, then, shepherds acclaim

Out of your full thanksgiving

God, with Mary, as Jesus we name!


Je vois au fond d'une humble étable,

Dans une crêche misérable,

Un bel endonne

La paix sainte de coeurs pieux!


Cradled He lies in stable dwelling,

Plainly the want of comfort telling,

Yet on His Giver,

Peace on earth,

to men goodwill!




Poème languedocien de Goudouli.

Traduction française de Gravolet ainé.

English version by Edward Agate.









De Séverac ~ Chant de Noël (Christmas Song)

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