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Parts for the accompaniment by Violin I & II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Continuo are also published by Fullscore Publishing and are also available (only from Howarth). Both arrangements and parts are available directly from Howarth of London, who ship worldwide:


Fullscore Publishing are proud to release news of two original chamber music editions. Oboist Victoria Woodley arranged Domenico Zipoli’s beautiful piece in 2002, but Elevazione still deserves wider recognition. It is a beautiful baroque miniature, first recorded in the arrangement with strings by oboist Gordon Hunt. Available in two editions, with either organ/piano or strings as accompaniment. Both editions are now available from Howarth of London - one of London’s finest woodwind music shops and specialist woodwind instrument maker - printed on high quality, cream paper for easier reading under stage lighting.


Born in Prato in Tuscany in 1688, Domenico Zipoli studied with the music director of the cathedral in Florence and was then sent by the Archduke to study with Alessandro Scarlatti in Naples, whom he soon left on account of strong differences of opinion. In 1709, after a short stay in Bologna, he was sent to Rome, where it is thought he became Music Director to the Collegio Romano. Later, in 1715 he became organist of the Jesuit Church (Chiesa del Gesù).


Zipoli’s Sonate d'Intavolatura per Organo e Cimbalo, from which Elevazione is taken, was published in 1716. In the same year, Zipoli proceeded to Seville and became a novice in the Order of Jesuits. On April 5 of the following year, he went as a missionary with a number of Jesuits to Paraguay and took up residence in Cordoba, studying theology and philosophy, at the same time devoting himself ardently to his occupation as composer and organist of the Jesuit Church there. His fame and artistic influence spread rapidly, and he received many commissions for church music from many countries. At the height of his career, at the completion of his theological studies and shortly before his ordination into the priesthood, on January 2, 1726, Zipoli suddenly died, aged just 37.


Zipoli's present-day reputation as a composer is founded almost exclusively on the Sonate d'Intavolatura. In addition to this, a cantata for Soprano and figured bass and a piece for violin and figured bass have also survived. Of the two oratorios he wrote in Rome, only the libretti have been recovered. In the Sonate d'Intavolatura there is a clear distinction between the pieces for organ - a toccata, versets, canzonas and liturgically related works - and suites and variations for the harpsichord, showing Zipoli was a true master in the art of elegantly combining contrapuntal style with the traditional forms of Italian keyboard music.


In this original arrangement by Victoria Woodley, the solo instruments take the melodic lines of the original top organ manual part, accompanied by the sustained chords and ritornelli of the organ. As a modern interpretation, the organ part could be played on a digital piano with the addition of sustained voicing (organ, strings, pad) behind it; playing both sounds together will reproduce the compositional intention for the sustained chords and evolution of the long-note harmony.


The original arrangement with strings was written by Victoria Woodley for Gordon Hunt (oboe), Caroline Dale (cello) and the London Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Christopher Warren-Green, with Les Pearson (continuo). Listen to Gordon Hunt’s beautiful recording on You Tube here.


Listeners to Classic FM, the UK classical music station, regularly request this beautiful piece and ensured its inclusion in countless classical CD compilations and playlists. ‘…still, Elevazione remains something of an enigma. Beyond its instrumentation, very little is known about the piece.’ One thing is for sure, it is a beautifully relaxing and very listenable piece of music, a real showcase for the oboe and cello soloists.


Listen to a free streaming recording of Elevazione on Spotify (8m 20s).

Buy as a track from Amazon here.


Engraved and published by Fullscore Publishing 2022:


© 2002 Victoria Woodley

About Howarth of London:


The London showrooms are a bustling meeting point for players and offer a comprehensive range of instruments, accessories and woodwind sheet music. Their staff are all players and can help you however long you have been playing - or even if you haven't started yet! Experienced technicians in the workshop on the premises can undertake repairs and custom modifications to customers' instruments.


Also known all over the world as makers of the finest oboes, oboes d'amore and English horns, their instruments are made in dedicated manufacturing workshops in Worthing in West Sussex. We use high-tech CNC (computer numerical control) machinery to make precision components for instrument parts which are then hand-assembled by highly experienced technicians into beautiful musical instruments.


The Howarth name was first linked with wind instrument making in 1874, when George Howarth was apprenticed to the flute maker Alexander Liddle in London. George was the father of T W (Tom) Howarth, whose name became the firm's original name 'T W Howarth & Co Ltd' when it was established in 1948. In 2008, the firm changed its name to 'Howarth of London Ltd' to reflect general usage.


Directions to Howarth’s in Marylebone, 31-37 Chiltern Street, London W1U 4HB.


The original score may be viewed on IMSLP here.


Elevazione - Domenico Zipoli

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