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A new choral arrangement and translation by Nigel Edmund-Jones of the old Irish carol That star-lit night in Bethlehem (Don oíche úd i mBeithil in the original Gaelic). An introduction and inter-verse accompaniment, for piano or organ, is included in the arrangement, but the carol may be sung without the accompaniment.


A separate arrangement for solo piano is also included in the PDF.


That star-lit night in Bethl’em

      Don oíche úd i mBeithil
Will be for ever known

      Beidh tagairt faoi ghrian go brach,
That cold, dark night in Bethl’em

      Don oíche úd i mBeithil

God’s Word was safely shown.

      Go dtáinig an Briathar slán.

The sky was all a-glowing,

      Tá gríosghrua ar spéartha,

The earth was covered white.

      ‘S an talamh na chlúdach bán.

See Jesus in the cradle

      Féach Íosagán sa chléibhín,

And Mary’s love so right.

      ‘S an Mhaighdean a dhúil le grá.


Up on the rolling hillside
      Ar leacain lom an tsléibhe
The shepherds came along
      Go nglacann na haoiri scáth,

To see the heavens open
      Nuair in oscailt gheal na spéire
And angels sing this song:
      Tá teachtaire Dé ar fáil.
Great Glory to the Father,
      Céad glóir anois don Athair,
We praise the Lord on high.
      I bhFlaitheasa thuas go hard!
Goodwill and peace to all men
      Is feasta fós ar talamh,
Henceforth on earth, Amen.
      d’fheara, dea-mhéin, síocháin.


Celtic Woman recorded this carol on their A Christmas Celebration album in 2006 (all links open in a new window):


Another arrangement of this beautiful carol, Don oíche úd i mBeithil, may be heard sung by Caroline Peyton (from her album Celtic Christmas Spirit) here:


And, of course, The Chieftains, on their The Bells of Dublin 1991 album of Christmas songs and carols, in Gaelic:






That star-lit night in Bethlehem ~ arr. Nigel Edmund-Jones

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  • 6 pages (8 inc. covers).

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